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Mother/Father God.. i come to you with a humbled heart and an opened mind. Right now my mind is full of worries... worrying about obtaining employment and being patient in the relationship im in w/ Mr. M. But other than that im worried abt this random obsession i have with is ex.. i am more than confident that he loves me but with his ex...i dont trust or the lengths she will go to to remain mrs m. And i find myself sometimes doubting his love to me since hes been seperated from her nearly two years with no progress what so ever in finalizing the divorce. He lack of follow makes my mind wonder..i know i shouldnt and i know i need to practice more but YOU know my heart and sometimes it get so heavy with doubt it makes me question everything. I know with my heart Mr. M was created just for me... being around him makes me smile with my heart and being intergrated into his family is the most precious thing anyone can do and when he introduces me with pride in his voice and love in his eyes...i know, he knows, the world knows he truly loves me! I just want/need the divorce to be final...keep me focus and driven as well as aware of evil. Please remove all negative people thoughts and object from my circle and allow your grace and beauty to shine from me for the world to see. Bless those close to my heart those that are reading this and even more so bless those that are against. In jesus name, AMEN/ALADY

by LadyAbstract

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