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Dear Jesus, I pray that you would forgive me of all my sins. These last several weeks have been really hard for me. I believe that there has to be a spiritual battle raging, I don't know how else to describe it. The closer my walk has become with the Lord,the situations in my life have intensified. From matters of the heart, to my finances, to dealing with my X-husband cursing me, threatening and harassing me. To calling me bad names in front of my kids. He gave my Cookie dog to our neighbors, which is a good thing since he was mean to her and didn't take good care of her. I want have to worry about her now, she is in good hands. Yet I still feel sad, because I love her and can't have pets @ my Apt., she has always been such a comfort to me. I'm just feeling lonely, frustrated, and tired. I am waiting on the Lord to bring me a godly man. I asked last summer for a vision of my future to give me hope so I would not lose heart. I had 3 different dreams. The first one was ominous with dark clouds coming towards us. The second was me and him talking in a hallway and him asking if I was ready to commit to him. The third one we were together with my kids.Shortly after that I found out that he had gotten married, so I thought that I had misunderstood my dreams. I put all thought of him away. I was content with my life and kids. Then from out of the blue he contacted me, his wife had cheated on him 5 months before and they were getting divorced. We started talking and seeing each other and things started getting serious, neither of us was ready for a serious relationship and we decided to take a major step back. He started dating others and we have not spoken since. I need your guidence, Lord. Help me to know what Your will is ..... in Jesus' precious name. Amen

by MontanaRain905NC

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If he's married, God would not condone an affair or adultry in anyway. God never goes against his word.
I pray you find a loving man who will honor and respect you. Wait on the lord he only has the best for you.

Anonymous | on Jun 28, 2010

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