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Dear Jesus,This has been a very difficult month for me, I don't get seasonal depression,however the month of May with Mother's Day and then today which is the 22nd anniversary of my mother's death, always takes me back to being that 17 year old girl who felt scared, helpless and alone, watching her mother suffer and fight ovarian cancer that spread to her spine and throughout her body and then to her brain. She fought hard for a year, she wanted to live so bad, she loved life. I can remember standing in the shower pleading with God to take my life instead of hers, because I hated my life. I felt such guilt and resentment towards my mom, because she and my daddy didn't believe that one of my uncles was molesting me from the time I was in the forth grade, then the abuse turned sexual when I was 16, around the same time we found out that mom had cancer and since mom was in the hospital the majority of the year, my uncle preyed on me and there was no way I could prevent or stop him from taking what he wanted. It was like he was watching and always seemed to know when I was at home alone. She never found out the truth of what was happening to me. I just think God that I was able to make things right with her by telling her I was sorry for the times I acted ugly and hateful to her,without laying the burden of what her brother was doing to me. Oh how I have missed having her in my life. I Thank-You, Dear Jesus, for the precious talks that we shared before she went into the hospital for the last time that night. I'll never forget it, or her screams that she was going to die as the paramedics placed her on the gerney to put her in the ambulance or the three IV bags of morphine it took to ease her pain. I Thank-YOU, Lord for allowing me to walk into her room as she looked up past my daddy like she was looking to heaven as she took her last precious breath. I find comfort that she is with You, Dear Jesus in heaven where there is no suffering or pain. Thank-You for blessing me with such a godly mother and for the privilege of her influence and example upon my life, she suffered so and I never heard her complain or be hateful due to the pain, I never heard her say an unkind word. I can only strive to be more like her.

by MontanaRain905NC

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My friend, this.... this... is powerful. I shall remember this. Thank you for sharing this. God is with you. Always.

Revan ([email hidden from spammers]) | on May 27, 2010

Thank-you Revan, God's hand has always been on me, even when I thought He was no where to be found. God bless you.

MontanaRain905NC | on May 28, 2010

I m praying for you

soldado da vitoria | on Jun 03, 2010

Thanks for the encouraging words you posted on my prayer! Life is hard, but God goodness and mercy will follow you all your days and you will dwell in the house of the Lord forever! We have similar stories. I also lost my mother and was molested by my cousin, but never told my parents. I still live with this secret on my heart! Old things have passed, and God has shown me a new thing. I miss my mom, too! Be bless, and continue to use your testimony to bless other!!!

ipray | on Jun 04, 2010


ipray | on Jun 04, 2010

Hi Montana you are an amazing person. Noone. Could go through what you ve been through without the strength of the Lord. There is so much suffering in this world but I know that with Jesus is easier because HE knows what suffering is and He always been there beside you to help you overcome. I can see He has an amazing plan for your life. Be encouraged and get closer and closer to Him. You will be able to experience happiness and joy even here on earth before we go and meet Him face to face. Love you and admire you

soldado da vitoria | on Jun 06, 2010

U r strong im sry for ur suffering I was 14 when my uncle molested me my mom didnt believe me when I told Her but believe my brother When he raped him @ gun point hrs no where to b found u r strong n God is good we can overcome anything through himm im.praying for u keep ur head up

god is love | on Jul 01, 2010

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