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I pray you would just bring back my old relationship with the guy of five years. Over time, I've watched him change into someone I know he's not. I held his hand through cancer and his childhood. We grew up together... but for some reasons he fled away from me, you , and his family. He started living under the influence of friends and drugs. That's not a way to begin your future at 19? He's young. I am one year younger and I have tried with all my might to be good to him, show him right from wrong. Please God, put him on the right track. If we can't be together again, then please just make him realize the life he's living bow is going to affect him miserably in the future. I love this boy more than anything in the world. I thank you Lord that he survived Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Make him be blessed for his life and lay down all these drugs. I haven't spoken to him in three months and the last time I spoke to him, it ended in an agruement. That's not a way to end things? Lord, please bring us together and reed this tension between us. You know Lord.. What me and this guy had been through. In your name .. Amen.

by miss unspoken

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My heart breaks for you :( . I hope and pray that he will wake up to realise how truly loved he is. I hope and advise you to keep encouraging him , even if he won't listen. Hold his hands again and try to retain the relationship you guys use to have. Don't let him bring you down with his nasty words , you're doing the right thing ;) never give up hope no matter how strong or mean he looks >< God bless and good luck :D

Ana | on Jun 25, 2010

Thank you so much for your prayers. I know God will make everything better. I hope the Lord blesses you as well as he's blessed me. And I will keep my head up and never let words bring me down. I will stand for God and do what's right. I want him be a living example sent from the Lord. Once again, I sure do thank you for your prayers. :) :) :)

miss unspoken | on Jun 25, 2010

I think you missed your opportunity. You prayed too, late. Sometimes life is tough. You failed this kid :(

Anonymous | on Jun 26, 2010

That dude right there is a perfect example of one of those people who will Try and let you down , don't let them and keep striving for that goal ;)

Anonymous | on Jun 26, 2010

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