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Dear Lord,

I pray that you will help me be Able to enjoy the little things in life I used to. I'm do grateful for all you have done for me. I just am so tired of this block or numb feeling that's stopped me from enjoying my life. I pray you heal the illnesses I have and keep me healthy. I pray those burning brain sensations be gone forever. I pray my anixety doesn't come back. Lord, i am still so young. I don't want to be sickly at a young age. There's so much more to life and I have my whole future ahead of me. I pray that I don't have to ever be in a hospital bed or emergancy room again. Take my fears and anxiety away. Comfort me and cradle me in your loving wide arms. Also, keep my friends and family safe Lord. Throgh you all things are possible. I thank you for all you have blessed me with and continue blessing those whose deserve them. In your name. Amen. :)

by bliss

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I had anxiety and headache. Found out that my head and neck were misligned putting pressure on the brainstem and also
blood vessels that go from the neck to the brain. Got a doctor realigned my head back to right place. Felt like a ton of pressure lifted off.

Dan | on Jun 25, 2010

wow, did you have constant headaches and feel fainty like? :-/ I sometimes get really dizzy out of the blue and have temple pressure on the side of my head. It's scary.

bliss | on Jun 25, 2010

Have u checked with the doctor? I know a girl who had severe dizziness all a sudden even throwing up. Her doctor told her she has vertigo an inner ear imbalance and was put on a sea sickness medication. It didn't help her. She got scare of driving. I sent her to see my doctor. She got her inner ear balance fixed and her dizziness stopped.

Dan | on Jun 26, 2010

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