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Father I beg you have mercy, evil is causing me to sin, and I hate sin and what is evil. I love what is good and laboring for my money, to earn it dilegently. Please bless me with a second job, remove this evil from me and my phones. Bless me with an apartment and a wife, for I want a family of my own. Help me to do your will and depart from evil. Show me the things that are far greater and joyful than drunkeness and ****ography, that I will seek no sepf pleasure or commit any harlotry or adulterous sins, and perversnous no more. Help me stop self pleasure like masterbation, drunkeness, and smoking. Also I pray for all my sick coworkers and my family, and former coworkers who need healing, including my mom and dad, sister, brother in law, niece and nephew, terrance, joshua, teresa, timothy, my grandmother guadalupe, my aunt cruz, uncle mane, uncle luis, aunt angelica, aunt tere, uncle mario, bless us with well being and good health. Remove the corona virus from earth and bring healing, mercy, forgiveness, and peace to the lands. Restore to us the joy of salvation and uphold us with thy free spirit, and help us all return to prayer and praying for eachother. Also help me, this evil wants me to crush on my coworker and **** on her, even fantasize of her and I don't want too!! It is heavy upon me! Lord help me! I'm tired of sins and being defrauded, living like a guilty wicked man and being innocent. Enough is enough lord. Vindicate me father for i put my trust in you. I'm supposed to preach and prophesy to these people, show them what is good and acceptable to the lord and guide them, help them repent of evil and turn them from their wicked ways, to save them as well as myself. So how then am I evil to deserve all this!? Remember Jesus Christ yourself said, you cannot be evil and good right? A house divided cannot stand, so if satan were divided he can't stand and will not prosper his way, so then how am I evil trying to be good, and have a pure heart? Lord help me. I bring my case before you oh judge, and pray and expect fair judgement passed on me on this earth. If i plead guilty than bury me yourself lord the way you buried moses and no one knows of his burial up to this date. So keep me or bury me, wether im innocent or guilty lord. In jesus christ name. Your will be done. Thank you lord. I will keep my faith and know of a certainty I will succeed, the verdict is to my favor for I am mostly blameless. Thou knows all the evil done to me by many and i sat there and took the hit, loss of a girlfriend and family, loss of an apartment, loss of my money, loss of jobs, went to being poor, being homeless, loss of health, unable too poop for months, loss of my private members. And, still I forgave every single person, yet you and everybody don't want to forgive me despite it's true under god, been known, and evedent, that I struggle with mental and behavior issues, and an unclean dumb abnormal perverse demon spirit and even possibly by an evil spell or dark witchcraft majic against me. Despite all my sufferings. I love you, I need you, I believe in Jesus christ name which sanctifies me. Thank you after all. Amen.

by Gbro Faith Freshboy Preach Styler

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You need to pray in toungs alot cuz when you pray in toungs you are praying for whatever needs prayer and you don't know what needs prayer but GOD does and when alot of Christians pray a revival breaks out one can chase one thousand two can chase ten thousand

Michael Williams | on Nov 13, 2022

Hello Michael thank you for refreshing my memory on praying in toungues. Lately I forget, going through so much...but thank you much, God bless you brother.

Gbro Faith Freshboy Preach Styler | on Nov 13, 2022

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