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Please pray for me all, God is extremely punishing me and making me lose everything, I am poor now and have almost nothing left. God says I deserve it and i'm to blame for everything that has happened to me despite my mental disorders and behavior issues, as well as being accursed as a child by evil. He refuses to help me and I remain in Americas Best Inn hotel in Urbana, IL, a prisoner of jesus christ of nazareth. I am ready to die from this earth and life and give up on everything. I have no strength or spirit left in me, I am weak, overwhelmed, and even my family is against me on things. I am aftaid, in great distress, and devasted, and now have to donate blood for money because God won't give me a girlfriend, apartment, and a second job yet. I'm down and out kissing the floor for that is where my hope lies. In jesus christ name, take my life away God. Amen. And also god refuses to restore my internet and deliver me from evil. Amen. Has not been merciful to restore my phones. Amen.

by Gbro Faith Freshboy Preach Styler

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