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Heavenly Father,
I like this guy who is not a active Christian. He drinks and party's. He seemed to think I was different and was respectful to me. I tried to be a good influence and told him I choose not to drink or do drugs when he asked if that bothered me. I wasn't being judgmental just personal choice. Now he doesn't talk to me cuz i dont party. This hurts as I was always nice to him. Praying for him and this situation. If anyone has comforting words that would be great too,

by Anonymous

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Prayers that GOD gives to strength and patience to find someone that loves you like he does, just as you are.

Darians Momma | on Apr 09, 2017

Be grateful to God this young man is keeping from you. He could have continued to see you and use you for his own purposes. His avoidance of you keeps him from feeling guilty and feeling like he should apologize for not being "your type." He isn't ready to stop his lifestyle, but he may at least, have a conscience.... Perhaps, one day he will be ready to turn fully to The Lord and be ready to think about settling down. Right now must not be that time. Accept it and carry on. If he is for you, God will cross your paths again.... I pray our Heavenly Father provide all you need in this life and in serving Him.

Anonymous | on Apr 09, 2017

It is better to be away from people who use substances, it can easily influence your life in a negative way even if you think you are strong. Some people will misuse a friendship, it is better just to let them go and focus on good and better things and people who appreciate you. Blessings.

NBW | on Apr 10, 2017

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