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Hay god its me again. I just need understanding on something. For the past few days I wonder how can my husband see such perfection. After knowing some of my past. Well with this move he wants me to put off work to get help. With emotional abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse. I went threw my whole life with family and friends and exs. Along with the sexual abuse I bean threw. It scares me. Show him that im not so perfect and strong as he sees me. If only he knew the scares on the inside fills. I act as they heal we all know they have not. How he can he see what u see. How can he look at me and see beauty, perfection ex... when all I see is the broken me. The one that wants to break and cry. It's hard I know that's weekness in my parents eyes. So how do I let him see that side of me. Without thinking im nothing should be stronger for so many people. God I love him. Pls explain this to me. Pls explain how he can see old scares from hurting my self. Still think u are soo pretty. Explain to how he can know, see, and live everday how messed up my life has bean. Still think your perfection to me. Pls god just explain how he can love me soo much. No matter how much he finds out he still loves me just like u expect him two. Pls help me love myself like yall love me. In your name I pray amen.

by angel Alexander

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