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Dear god there is something that bean in my mind a lot with my husband. Its like he wants to have to make love all the time. Wish I mean don't get me wrong its great and all. It gets tiring of every time we are alone its bean about me getting undressed or something. Then when I already know what he wants he like it's not like that. When it seams just like that. Im already upset with my body and all as it is. Don't get me wrong I know it could be 110% worse. It's like I love him just to take his time at times. U know what I mean. Not just ok let's go. That im speachel to him. Then there the few things at home I get women needs to cook clean ex... when we have 4 grown people in the house that can do stuff for them self. It's like really do I need to cook, clean make calls ex... after sometime u want to rest. I love to play a game for long as I pls with out filling gillty ex... instead like to night its. Ok ill cook I get they did dishes before that. But if someone did them the night before it be no deal. Who going to do them after. So after hearing well I did this ex... I said I do it. I get i need to rest and need to calm down. How can I when stuff like this goes on. Really all I want is my husband to show hay I see what u do. Rap his arms around when I cook and stuff. Just to show me hay I see u and what u do. Is that to much to ask. Im not asking for all his attion but a lil would be nice. Not in a sex type of way. All im asking Is that man I met in the being would come back. That's all I want. I get it im in a house of guys. Yes im at times one of them. There are times I want to sit back do my hair nails and all dress up. Fill like I walk on water. If there any way u can bring that back to me. That be amazing. Just pls bring back the man I love so I can be the women he loves. The women that wants to do stuff for him and all. That's all I ask. U know god u brought us together. I pray everyday we can get threw this big stuff. So we can move on so it's not like we are stranger's. Yet lover's and partner's just as u put us to. Just as u made adam and eve. I this I pray aman

by angel Alexander

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