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Lord forgive me for saying this but my mother n my stepfather disgust me. Their personalities are gross, my mother is prideful, cold,loves to gossip and my step father is TWOFACED. I noe that im not perfect i do have my flaws and alot of them ( i try to be as Godly as i can.) My mother instead of gettin over the problems she has with me she puts up ah wall that i given up on breaking, mind yhu im 23 nw. These ppl are like that by choice, unlike my gf that she had mental and emotional issues. I feel so bad for what my gf is going thu and she is part ur plan for me, bc of her i found my way to yhu ( she was one of the reasons.) Lord, i wanna be the best christian i can be and livin in this house with these ppl makin up thier own stories and assumptions .. yhu noe whats goin on. Ill just stay quiet and prove nothing to them with my words cuz that cause ah fight.

My mother having so much anger towards me hurts n she doesnt forgive. I do resent her ( i d k exactly why , but it might be ah love issue ) but i forgave ha but the negative feeling is still there bc of her actions.
Myt step father throwin in my face that im 23 i shudda been done with college n OUT broke me, thats my weakness, i noe i shudda been done but im not :'( n i cant do much about iht nw ..
Hes ah greedy man and so is my mother. I can be greeedy too cuz thats one thing of them thats rubbed off on me.

God plez let me land with ah good job, get my own aprt and do my thing in church. Plez. In Jesus name.


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