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Dear God. I wud like to thank yhu for allowin me to meet ah tru chirstian. if kylee was amazing as she was, i cant even begin to imagine hw wonderful jesus was wen he walked this earth. Thank yhu. He made an impact to the world not only by dyin on that cross for us but by what Hes workss work while he was on earth. Lord. I wanna live for yhu n even if i dont make it to heaven it wud be ah privalge for me to work for yhu while im on earth. Nothing is this world makes me feel as good as having ah bond n connection with yhu. Lord, jay needa yhu .. plex :'( we are done n my heart cant bear nemore .. but plexz save her.
My family, i need to get out this house n do for myself .. yhu noe my issues. .. plex help me :'(


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