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OK. I'm praying you forgive me for saying this but he is deceptive and completely ****ful. His motives are not pure or noble and he has mastered manipulation and mind control. He studies and practices and knows precisely who he is looking for. Vulnerable women w children. He is the predator and she is prey. He will make honorable reasons for seeing his ex that you would not be able to argue. You will unwittingly become an accomplice to your own mindfΠ¢k bc you'll constantly be questioning your own discontent when he's obviously being a very noble man seeing his ex or visiting his parents bc they need him... This man walks a fine line and he will use all your shared dreams and fears against you, exploiting you at every turn until you are entangled and at his mercy. I'm praying to archangel Michael to be with you always protecting you from this predator.. I'm praying for God to heal the pain inside him so he can be the man of God he believes himself to be... instead of the God of his own mind. I know him he lives in the dark, he's a chameleon w fiery eyes of red, his teeth yellow and broken... his material possessions mean more than your heart. You will become his toy and he will use you up and discard you when he cant take no more... if you are being led down this long and winding path or you are at the bottom never lose hope (that he is truly divine inside) regardless of how bad it gets because in the end, it will be the only thing that saves your life. There are evil people in this world but there must be a purpose for pain and suffering, there must be a purpose a Lamb chose this dark path, I want to believe they're here to get those of us clinging to or revolving around eachother to turn to God now bc time is come. God please be with all of us searching for you in each other.... thank you God for allowing space in my heart for forgiveness and understanding amidst the pain of perceived deception. God, your will be done. I am grateful to have known this devil for helping reveal my light. Amen.

by pollyanna maybe

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