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To All The Married Couples That Is Going Though Like Me: And To My All Of My Prayer Warrior's It time to pray for All The Marriages that are going through like me we are our edge of giving up on our marriages. It look like we at the give up line. Men have left there wife with children, husband keep drinking, women have left husband with children, a man have a prayer about his wife and him need some counciling,I say to that couple you get it don't wait on her that happen to me too. I want it he didn't. So we as married couple is about to get a brake though from somewhere because all of us in the same predicment. So prayer warriors get ready to pray for all of the married couples because we're going through hell. My spouse is doing what he want to do, come in when he want too,and he don't pay any rent. Tell me what to do. I don't say anything to him no more because he want some attention which I'm not giving him. So what to do?


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It is tough.We need revival in our hearts and then change will come!!!!

T | on Apr 07, 2010

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