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Dear Lord i wrote u ealier bout the whole situation with me an my child's father. Right now im puttin it n ur hands. Im so confused an i dnt wanna make the wrong choice coz the boyfriend i have now is a very good man, he takes care of my daughter which aint even his an i thank u for that. I jus for reason have a soft spot for my daughter real father, an maybe its jus coz thats her real dad i want him bac as far as a relationship wise. Coz for real he really aint bout nothing. He cant offer me anything an he dnt do nothing for our daughter. He comes round an now an then an help r play dad for a couple days. There r times where i have 2 call him 2 ask him do he wanna c her an his excuse for not bein round is coz he dnt have hiself 2gether. I been hearin that for 2yrs now an its getting old. Maybe i should stick wit my current boyfriend. Im putting this whole situation n ur hands father. Please clear things up for me so that i can make the right choice for me an my baby. N Jesus name amen

by keke

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Keke. Ive found out that most people only want advice when they want to prove that the answer that they already have is wrong. Really all of our answers we are waiting for we already have them. We r just hoping that someone will tell us differently. Keep praying and start believing in yourself. You already no what to do.

kendal | on Apr 05, 2010

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