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Father thank for letting me c another day. Give the strength 2 deal with whatever u put n my path wheather good r bad. More than anything please give me patients 2 deal with certian situations n my life as well as people i deal with on a day 2 day basis. Right now im to the point n my life where i want CHANGE. I know it doesnt happen over night but anything is possible father. I have a daughter an i want 2 b a poisitive figure n her life. Not saying im a bad ma but there r things i could work on. I jus pray u work wit me an iron the problems out n my life. I pray that u take those people,places,an things outta my life thats not ment 2 b. Father i have a boyfriend n my life that i dnt know what 2 do anymore. I jus dnt love r feel the same bout him like i use to. I honestly dnt know what happened an how i began to feel this way bout him. Its like everything he does irks me. I have tried time after time 2 b patient wit him but it aint workin. Lately he has become so lazy. Like he really dnt help wit my daughter r he wont help me n the mornin win im getting ready for work. Its jus small things that he should b doin without bein told that he dnt do. The things he is supposed 2 do is common sense. I had several conversations as well as letters 2 inform him on how i feel an what i expect from him for this relationship 2 work but he may change for a couple of days an then he go bac 2 the same stuff agian. Im tired of it. Then he is alot younger them so our views on life an certian things an situations r diff, we aint on the same accord. He is a good guy though. Im jus not sure if its ment 2 b anymore. I dnt want 2 hold on r try 2 make it work if it aint ment 2 be. Lord please hear my cry an help work n my favor. Thank u. N Jesus name Amen

by pretty eyez

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