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How do I keep my faith when following Your plan for me has lead me to complete failure?

by Tina

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Tinna don't think this way... its evil that's making you think this. God doesn't put us in harms way. He is a good God and wants nothing but the best for you. If you need a friend to talk to look me up on facebook. My name is Luis Haro and my profile pic is me wearing a blue basseball cap and I'm looking away from the camera. I'm here if you need someone to talk to. If not I understand.... May God Bless you and don't lose Faith in him.

Luis H. | on Mar 30, 2010

Do not think this way, it is not healthy for you. Trust me it is evil that is trying to get to you ( I agree ) & if you let him win you are just showing how much you do not trust God. We all go through that same thing. Sometimes I think to myself like is God really there ? I mean because right now it is not showing as if he is but the thing is God will not give you anything you can not handle. He is carrying you right now, you may not see it or feel it but he is & at thee end , that is when you will feel & see it. Just continue to TRY to have faith,believe,love,need, & trust in the Lord, it is not easy but as long as you have God with you. Anything is possible. You can do anything, in the Lord that gives you strength & he will. Just talk to him, let him know how you feel, what your worries are, what you are scared of, why do you feel the way you do, talk to him. Try to listen because it will not be a conversation if you just talk & no there is no feedback. Ask him to heal your heart & pain & to grow even more in loving him. Let the Holy Spirit come upon you. Try to open up your heart to him, your strength. I know it is not easy, sometimes we get so scared & negative that it is like we feel we do not want no one to come in. He is different though, he will be the star in your life that shines everyday, when you are lost do not worry just look into your heart & you will find the way. Us lost sheep always find our way & Jesus meets us everywhere we are at. Us getting negative & falling & falling is only a sign letting us know how much closer we are getting to him. The more the devil tries to attack you, the more you have so much love & heart to offer to God & he wants to take that way because he is a coward, when Jesus comes he is the real deal, he is thr TRUTH not the devil when he goes & hides & light comes in & seeks the truth. If you need anyone to talk to, we will be here for you. ( our family in Heaven, Mary, Saint Joseph,etc.. & me )

M|G 110708 iloveyoubestfriend. <33 | on Mar 30, 2010

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before god helps you back up. You can chose to trust gods plan or not, but it doesn't change that he has it. He will bless you. He does things in his own time,which is so hard for us to comprehend. It feels like he has abandoned us, when really he is there through the good and the bad,even though the bad is sometimes horrible. Don't take your blessings for granted, and look at someone else who is going through a much harder time, like a person in haiti, a troop who has just lost a limb in afghanistan, or someone who was just diagnosed with a disease that will end their life for example, and it will put things in perspective. I will pray for you

tjoy | on Mar 30, 2010

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