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After having devoted my heart and soul to a job I love and truly feel I was called to do, I was passed over for a promotion by someone who is nowhere near as qualified as I. Not only am I questioning my professional identity and competency as a Nurse, but my ability to listen to Your plan for me. I truly felt Your hand guiding me through the entire interview process and working through me as I cared for patients who needed your healing touch. I am ashamed to say my faith is broken and my entire 20 year career feels like a lie. How can this be?

by Tina

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Its just a another test and you can't lose faith friend. I'll be praying for you... May Gos bless you.

Luis H. | on Mar 30, 2010

Tina, nursing is hard even under the best of circumstances, I was made a charge nurse in a small free standing psych unit, I really thought I wanted it too but as I began the responsibilities of the position took me away from caring for the patients which was what I really loved. I thought it was what God wanted I had pprayed for it got it and found it was not. I no longer was caring for my brothers and sisters I was so stressed out due to staffing issues and everything else, I gave it up. Happier again caring for my patients, once again goimg to sleep at night and able to fall asleep happy that I was back serving the Father in a way that made me happy and not worrying wether I had enough nurses to cover our pt load. What an incredable relief. Good luck, I'll be praying for u.

begabby | on Mar 30, 2010

Honey, be careful what u pray for you just might get it and find u didn't want it. Gods timing is perfect, your promotion will come in His time and through His wisdom, He knows your heart and your abilities bbetter than anyone even you. So be patient, He probably has somethimg better waiting for you..continue your great work for its in serving others that's great.

begabby | on Mar 30, 2010

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