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Father God I thank you for waking me up this morning and I thank you for your blessings opon us this morning Lord I thank you God letting the angels watching over me and I had a wonderful good dream last night it was me in Heaven walking with Jesus and me Jesus was going to sit down and talk about what Jesus had did. And next then I seen 3 angels spinning around me each time I wake up at the middle of the night seen nothing but Angels and it was a miracle that God sent me an Angel to watch over me and I was really touched by God and I thank God for my family my mother. My father that has 2 jobs and I thank God for my 3 sisters and a brother but he had past away now his name was Devin Vaughn and I really miss him so much but now is with the Lord he was born July 20, 2003. and I came home from my vacation from Tallahassee and my step mom Daneka was sick at the time that Devin was born in 2003 and Devin lived for 1 hour then when I came home he had passed away and I never got to see my brother and I'm 19 years old this Friday is my birthday and I will be turning 20 years old this Friday. And so I thank God for my uncles Karlos Vic and Tommy, Joseph from Arcadia he is the pastor in Arcadia Florida. And I thank God for my grandparents because they are special to me and they care about,me so much and I thank God my Auntie Kimberly and I thank God for my cousins from different states. Cousins, Kathy, Neil, Tammy Terry, Aretha, etc. and specially my 3 sisters, lyric jakayla and Ashely and my other cousin from Nocatee FL Ms. Annie Laura and we love ya very much. And I thank God for my grandparents Grandma Earlene, Grandma Nat and grandad Herman and also grandad Willie from Wauchula FL. And most importently I thank you God for hearing our prayers Lord Jesus and I thank you God for letting be in this world for 20 years of my life and I have my own job now God had blessed me with a good job and my job now is working at the Arc Resale store in Avon Park Florida and I thank God that I had graduated from high school at Avon Park High School in Avon Park Florida on May 30th, 2013 and it was a blessed night to see all the graduated high School student class of 2013 and I hope go well again this year and I thank God that my 3 sisters in School now lyric in Avon Park middle School and 2 of my sister jakayla and elementary School and I like doing my job and I take my job very seriously and I get paid 2 week on Friday and I thank you God for blessing me for 20 years of my life thank you Jesus and praise the Lord.

And father God I just want to tell the others my family and my friends and my inmates that I love ya so very much and wouldn't do anything without my special 37 year old mother that took care of me for 20 years of my life, my mother is very special to me and because I respect my mother and my father and I thank God for her that she is still living trying to raise me and I love her so very much and I'm taking good care of her right now and so is my sister lyric and I thank God that my mother has a man in her life and she been praying for a good guy, and is very kind he can cook food he has a car now for transportation and he has a family to take care of them. And Lord we are blessed by your word today father God and we thankful for that and so we love you Lord and let us have a wonderful blessed day let us continue to pray for one another and we will worship him every day father God thank you Jesus in Jesus name we pray amen. Thank you Jesus praise God for your goodness and your mercy thank Lord Jesus!.

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