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Yesturday I was walking out of shoprite. I see this man on and off. He sometimes walks around in shoprite. His clothes torn his hair has not been washed. I walked outside to my car and I saw him sitting up against the wall. As I was putting my food in the trunk I had bought turkey lunch meat and I had some cheese also and hamburger rolls. I riped open the turkey and cheese and took two hamburger rolls and put them in a plastic bag. As I rolled back the kart he looked up at me and I put the kart next to him and told I left some food or I think I said something like that. I said make sure you take it out. I walked away feeling like I just wanted him to know that I care someone cares and I seen him not as a homeless person but in need. I drove pass as I got in my car and he was gone and the bag was still there. I couldnt help but to think um theres food in that kart. I told a man who worked there and he said he is crazy but he will make sure he gets it. I pray that he will believe that there r ppl who care for him like me and ppl would stop calling other ppl crazy.

by Caroline

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I know this world is difficult, and I know its sad. Do in silence, God sees everything. You put that there for his purpose. Who knows who came around next. All we do is for God. If ur heart says yes then do it and don't think twice....God bless

nila tx, witness | on Mar 19, 2010

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