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Father I have a problem reading,spelling and taking test. I took my Ems state test twice and fail by 1 pt. I need strenght Father cause I have forgotten most of what I studied and I have my test March 25 I have no motivation to study cause Im just to tired of failing. Over and over. Im useless and realize Im just stupid God there just no way around it. I went to a school for special ed cause my parents didnt take the time out to push my cause they were to busy fighting. I fail at everything God why did u even bother with me. Im 30yrs old and became nothing. Why was I put here to suffer? Who am I fooling?

by Caroline

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Don't be hard on yourself. I felt the same way about myself until God to my focus of the world's standards and help me focus on Him. God loves u. The only smarts u need is to study God's Word and focus on His son Jesus. Ask God to help learn more about Him so you can help spread His Word. Don't worry about this world's smarts..I can tell you are a bright person just because you reach out to God...can't get no smarter than that. ;^) May God thru Jesus Christ be you and help you realize how smart you really are.

IbelieveHeanswers | on Mar 14, 2010

Keep your faith. God have a plans for you.

jerome | on Mar 14, 2010

Caroline that is the enemy telling you lies, all negative and doubt comes from him. The question is are you going to believe the ENEMY or our you going to Trust GOD? Psalms 138:7 though I walk in the mist of trouble you will recieve me, you will stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand will save me, god is telling you he's there, but you have to do your part and believe and when it's hard, then you call on your faith and you give it to god. So what if it takes you four times to pass or 100 - the fact is you are not given up. You study and you study some more, I know it's putting your life on hold, that your sick of reading and looking at the same material, and your tired! But girl friend you get back on that horse and ride until you won the race! You will win, hoe do I know? God tells us if we do sll we can he will do the rest! I believe him! Do you? I know you do!
I am 40 plus, from December till march 16th I have been studying for an innsurance state test, that all in my class took after a week of 40hours of boring lecture. I could not pass, I retook class, so now have logged 80hrs of lecture in could not pass test. I had to change something not working, so then I took college class on Internet up to 120hrs of same material - I can tell u for the last 3 months this test has been hanging over my head, my job depended on me passing, put pressure on my marraige, it took over my life I just passed it last week. I have one more test to take Wednesday, if I don't pass u know what I not given up because God was there on my last test and he'll see mr through, as he will you on this test!!! I promises you!!!! I took last test by going through and answering sll the questions I knew for sure, then I tried to find answers in the ones I was unsure of by the questions I knew then I had 23 questions that I had no clue on those were Gods and I gave them to him. I passed. I felt god there I was not anxious I just prayed and studyed. It was not easy but you Can fo this, and you will not only pass you're test but be EXCELLENT at what u do.

hope | on Mar 14, 2010

Caroline forgive my spelling and wording very tired I just had to reach out to you. hope you get the jest of it:) praying for u and keep at it, next time you will be posting a praise that you passed, I see it!

hope | on Mar 14, 2010

God, please bless this woman. Let her know what an amazing person she is. Give her the self esteem she needs to succeed. You love her and have great plans for her. She's a perfect creation of God. Bless her with peace, fulfillment, joy and confidence. All things are possible for those who seek You. Amen.

Anonymous | on Mar 14, 2010

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