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Ive definitely been blessed to learn through Gods' mercy that difficult times will come and it becomes ever so important for me, as a child and vessel for christ, that i not be ruled by what i see, but, focused on what is not seen, FAITH! The word clearly states that without faith we cannot please him. As hard as times get for me and others around me, its a must that we be sincerely thankful for not recieving the just punishment that we often times deserves. Its easy to focus on whats wrong and be blinded to the good in the middle of it, yet, be reminded and ncouraged that God is in control. He does not make mistakes! Let's not limit him simply because in us there are limitations. Daily fight the flesh, that through the precious gift of the spirit, we will live lives pleasing to the father, which in turn, provides us with a peace that truly surpasses all understanding. Remember, so many dont know and for those who do, it was intentional that God allowed you to know. How incredible that the creator of all things thought of someone such as myself and all of you who read this. Wherever u are, and whatever you are going through, lift your head and live your life encouraged. He knows what you are going through and all he wants is you to believe, with obedience! Truly try and see him work! Love, GODS' CHOSEN!

by God's Chosen!

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If you don't mind me asking, are you a pastor or someone like that?

soldierofchrist | on Mar 17, 2010

Gd morning. Actually I am not a pastor, simply put I'm just an individual that God has been dealing with me for so long that I'm tired of trying to do this life on my own. He has made himself clear and real in my life and I love being able to share with others both what I've been blessed with and their experiences.

God\'s Chosen! | on Mar 18, 2010

I also am tired of trying to do it myself, he has blessed me with so much even when I didn't earn it or do the right things with it. I have made some very bad decisions in the past andi feel like a lot of the things I'm going thru now is a result of those decisions, yet I find myself ignoring that and trying to find shortcuts to get through it. If you know any scriptures that might help with being self righteous at times, angry and doubtful I would appreciate it. I just want to be what God wants me to be and its hard sometimes to hear. My contact info is [email hidden from spammers] you can just post it here and ill look for it. Thank you.

soldierofchrist | on Mar 18, 2010

How are you today? I'm doing well, getting prepared for a workshop that I'm attending in the morning. I pray that you are encouraged today and being strong in the decisions your making.

God\'s Chosen! | on Mar 19, 2010

Good evening, I'm doing good, had a very good night. Today was good also, I'm glad to hear you're doing good as well. Hope your workshop was a successful one. Goodnight & God bless.

soldierofchrist | on Mar 19, 2010

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