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God give me strength to not snapp over little things. You know I have no patience, please answer my prayer soon before I loose all my faith. Please father am I not worthy?

by Shirl

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You are more than worthy have faith stay strong for which he knows when Its the right time for everything.

God bless you love
In his name we pray

jennie. | on Mar 15, 2010

You say you have no patience and then you ask for your prayer to be answered quickly just in case God might delay in order for you to develop patience by waiting on him and having faith that he will answer in his due time something that really encouraged me phillipians 4 God bless

James Chiou | on Mar 15, 2010

Shirl, u r more worthy 2 our precious. Lord than u can ever imagine. Though it is written do not try to understand his ways for his ways r much greater than his. Jesus knew his destiny here in earth. God sent him here for us. Better yet, God came down from heaven left all his riches for u and I. He gave himself as a sacrifice for our sins. We r bought with his blood he shed in cross in Calvary, yet being so innocent and pure, truly we will never know how priceless we r to him. Yet we know he loved us to die for us. In return what can we ask from him? He lives in u and me. All he wants is for us accept him as ur lord and Savior even not being. Perfect cuz he knows us and our true heart. He said if u abide in me and my words abide in u then what. U ask. For it shall b given.....delight urself in me and i will give u of ur heart desires.....and remember all things work for good for those who love the lord...b blesses. Cuz u r TRUTHFULLY AND FOREVERLOVED.....

foreverloved | on Mar 15, 2010

Thank yall for the encouraging words.

Shirley | on Mar 16, 2010

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