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I ask for anyone who reads this to please pray for me... my god i dont know whats going on with my body. I have been tested over and over again by you and my faith has grown tremendously. God as the days progress i notice the pains more. Give me the courage to accept what is to come. The strengh to survive this ordeal and to live a normal life. God please i beg you send my angels to be with me.. dont leave me alone my god. Im scared. I pray for you to help me heal and if the doctors need to operate please give my body the strenght to take it. Ive never had surgery before i dont know what my body is capable off. God please have pity on my soul. Forgive my sins. And if it is my time to depart, take my fears away. I love you god. Amen

by april

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April please don't b scared, God don't put the spirit of fear inside of us. Be strong, God is there & he will never ever leave you or anyone else no matter what your situation is. He hears you. God bless you, I pray for your strength.

Cindy | on Mar 13, 2010

Dear April, felt the same a couple of months ago.I have crohn's disease and they operated me for the first time end of september.I was soooo scared.what comfort me is keep saying to myself,God is good,God is Here,whatever happens Will be either good immediatly or Will be used for good eventually!!! Let me know how ya doing.ill be praying for you!

Anonymous | on Mar 13, 2010

Thank you. I think I have..or had ovarian cysts and last night as I wwent to sleep I felt a small rush of pain but some noticible discomfort. I woke up with nausea today. Definetly going to the er right now..god is good god is with me.

april | on Mar 13, 2010

Hey april,
How are You doing?

Anonymous | on Mar 15, 2010

Hi I'm doing a lot better. I went to the ER and although it took forever to be looked at the doctors found no cysts but found an infection in my cervix that was causing all the pain. I'm not sure how I got an infection but women tend to get all sorts of things in life. I am on antibiotics now and on my way to recovery. I want to thank everyone who prayed and who reached out to me through here. We all might be strangers here on earth but god made us equal and with the same love. Up in heaven we are all brothers and sisters.

april | on Mar 16, 2010

Yes we are! HOPE The pain Will go away soon! Ill keep praying for you.

Belle from Amsterdam

Anonymous | on Mar 16, 2010

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