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God please heal me. I cry constantly begging you to heal me. I suspect something wrong with my body. Ovarian cysts that are causing me pain. Im afraid to go to the doctor. God i beg of you heal me with your all loving power. Make these pains disappear. Make my body strong. My heart soul body and mind are yours my God. I am your servant, your daughter. My love for you has grown. I wish i could see you my beautiful father. Feel you or atleast hear you.tell me i will be ok..tell me these cysts will disappear. My God dont leave me alone. I dont know whats to come in the future but i cannot do it without you.

by april

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Be healed in Jesus name. Never give up on the Lord bc he will never give up on you.

xmbraunx Dallas,TX | on Mar 12, 2010

April go to doctor! God Csn heal you nut he gave others gift to help too. I had oviaran cyst - I didnot know it all I new was I had pain, I couldnot walk, I had to crawl to bathroom, I prayed smd prayed one night I went to bed had a dream that something was wrong that a large ball was growing inside. I felt crazy, but I told my husband and he took me to doctor that day
and by afternnon I was in hospital had surgery next day they had to remove my overies. God does speak to us, now he may be using me to tell you get to the doctors once you feel better the rest does not seem so crazy

hope | on Mar 12, 2010

God works through people too. He has blessed doctors with knowledge to detect and treat illness. You need to see a doctor. God will give you the strength to go through with this. God bless you. Tink

Anonymous | on Mar 12, 2010

RrAmen! I agree with comments leftd...n if u don't have insurance there r clinicas that r low income that will help u or even county hospitals that have programs...

H.O.P.E | on Mar 12, 2010

Thank you everyone for your comments and prayers. I am afraid but I will be strong. I will go see a doctor. If worse comes to worse and they say ill need surgery I know god will be with me. Thank you all very much

april | on Mar 12, 2010

He will never leave u nor 4sake u....let him b ur strenght...

H.O.P.E | on Mar 12, 2010

Please go to the dr i had pain & mine is cervical cancer but has been small enough to take just the little piece out but I'm glad I went cause it could have spread but God told me I needed to go so please get yourself checked I pray it will all be fine! God bless you

His Faithful Love | on Mar 12, 2010

They are right, god said "if you make on step ill make two" and in this case going to the doctor would be the first step, he place ppl in our life everyday to help us although he needs no help, so please go to the doctor. But I will pray right now that God is with YOU as you go into the hospital and that he stays by your side and that he holds your hand and bring you safely through whatever lies ahead and I also pray that you have faith to know that he will bring you through in jesus name I pray amen

Mz. Jaxon | on Mar 12, 2010

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