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Dear. God. Please. Forgive. For being ungrateful. I am. Sorry. For. Being. Hurt. And. Jeasous. About. Not. Being. Asked. To be. Promoted. I. Was. Selfish. lord. Forgive. Me. I
Thank. U for. Having a job. Because. So. Many. People. Donot. Have. One to. Complain. About. So
God. I ask. That u bless. Each. Anyone. Who. Needs a job. With one. Lord I ask. In Jesus name that u heal the. Sick. Protect us. From. Evil. Lord I praise u I. Love that u lord. 4loving. When. I cannot. Love myself. Help me. To be honest. With. My self and. Others. lord. I realize. I donot have. To pretend or. Do. Things. To. Get. Approval. Sometimes. It is hard and I cry some days. I. Believe. Somedays I donot believe. God. I hope. This u forgive. I am. Being. Honest. I. Have. Lied. So much. To. Belong. Or. Feel. Special and did thing. Because I want. To please. Someone else or to. Get. What. I want lord. I. Sometimes. I. Believe. My. Own. Lies. lord. I am. Tried of the lies. Save me. Forgive me. lord. If. I have. Hurt. Anyone. Today please forgive me. lord. Please. Forgive. Because. Even dough. I. Grew. Up. I chruch. I am. Still. Confused. I do know. That. Everytime. I need. U. You. Are. There. Lord. If. This. Does make sense. Just. Know. That. I want to. Live. Right. I just. Donot. Know. Alot maybe. I am just lazy. I. Stopped. Going to. Church. Being. I feel. Guilty. For. Living. In sin. God. We. Are. Suppose to. Get. Marry. I. Donot. Know. If. I. Want. He. Is. Old. Lord. I know. I. Should. He. Is. The. Best. Man. I. Ever. Have and. I. Donot. Want. To. B. Alone. God. Help. Sometimes I feel. Like. I am. Losing. It. Because. I. Know. Better. But. Do I really. Want. To do better. Lord help me find. The truth. I. Donot. Want to. Go to. He'll. I been. There. On. Earth. Help me. Lord

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