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Dear God. I. Am. Having. A mixed. Feeling. God. I have. Been. Working. This. Job. 4. 5yrs. People. That. Havenot. Been. Working. There. Long. H ave. Got. Promotions. It. Hurt. So. Bad. E veryone. Tells. Me. I am. A. Good. Work. Idonot. Call. In. Right. Now. I am. On. Sick. Until. April. Well. Lord. I. Hear from. Several. Coworkers. That. There is. Anew.
Opening. For. Supervisor. Lord. I want. The. Job. I. Feel liki. I. Have. Been. Over. Looked. For. Too. Long. I am. Afraid. To. Apply. For. The. Job. I am. Afraid. I might. Fail. Faith. Is. Weak. I am. Struggling. With. Fear. Jeasouly. God. I'm. Not. A bad. Person. I changed. Slot. I pray. 4 more change. I. Really. Need. U. To. Teach. Me. More. About. U. Thank. You. Please tell. Me. What. To. Do. I. Do. Not. Know. Please. Help. Me. Learn. More amen

by annabell

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The only thing that's standing in your way is you. Have faith, He's able trust him.

Anonymous | on Mar 08, 2010

I've been there too! But it helped me to remember & BELIEVE that God is in ultimate control & only does what is BEST for us. If He doesn't allow this promotion for you, BELIEVE that He has a good reason for it - a reason that will ultimately BENEFIT you! Rest in His love and timing. Don't struggle against Him!

Anonymous | on Mar 08, 2010

Just remember God is the giver of all things

morgiana | on Mar 08, 2010

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