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I hate my life in a way that i cant believe why he keep doing this to me knowing that i never done to him,god why he when to do that for ,god i am tired of been trying to change for him he dont even change he dont know.i really hate all this lies but i am in love with him why is that.god help me seriously cause i cant take of him keep playing my heart what is really leaving me a big whole inside..god stop making me cry for something that is not even worth crying for just show me that between me and him is never going to work and you know something thank you ...god i beileve in you plz dont let me alone at this moment help me be strong..omg i am crying my heart out ands i cant m.ake it stop thats how much it hurst me...people t all over the world give me advice tell me what i am doing wrong cause is not me is him./
=plz give me comment help me cause i feel like killing my self thats how much pain i feel at this moment...

Por el nombre del padre del hijo del espiritu santo

by bkshorty21

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Listen! I was in a relationship, I was played sooo bad for a married man with 7 kids. I thought I did everything right but I wasn't living for God. There is only pleasure in sin for a season and God shows u signs the whole time. I felt like dying but this is my testimony, he saved my life. Sometimes u have 2 be broken 2 be blessed. I promise u I hear your cry and even when u talk 2 ppl u still feel alone.Prayer is what got me through. You already see the signs. Don't ignore them!

Young Woman in Christ | on Feb 15, 2010

I myself have been in your shoes. I loved the son of my father but he use to cheat on me and he use to beat me. It took all those years to figure out that I am worth more then that. My word for you is that you are better then that. your prayers are being answered but u are ignoring them. There is always a lesson to be learned in every situation however we tend to look past the lords teachings and his wonderful blessings. U have to know in ur heart that the lord has devine plan for u u just need to open ur heart and listen. No human man is worth taken ur life or risking seeing and being wit the almighty father. You are a strong person cause it takes a lot to come on this site and express ur self. Now u need to take that strengh and find who u r and be happy.

N. Williams | on Feb 15, 2010

I also know how you feel. I believe if this isn't the right person for you then someone somewhere else is. Only? God knows and you need to trust him. No partner is worth that much to even think about killing yourself over. That is going against God. He wants you here no earth until He says its time.

layla | on Feb 15, 2010

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