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I'm ready to call it quits Idk where to go who to turn tired of everything continuously happenin....I sick to my stomach, my eyes filled with tears....I have nowhere to go...I just want to run away. me find my place please lord or Idk what I'm going to do.....

by sweetp

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I pray that God will encourage you today and fill your life with hope and peace! I pray that He will give you a née sense of direction in your life. I pray that He will reveal His will to you and restore joy to your life! God bless you!

Sandy | on Feb 02, 2010

Lord please be with this lost soul allow them to turn to you in Jesus name I pray

Anonymous | on Feb 02, 2010

Sweetheart, we've all had our moments but hang in there. You'll see things will get better. I pray to God he brings peace to your heart and mind. I know its easier to give up but you have to hang in there. If you'd like to talk you can email me at [email hidden from spammers]. have a great day and start it with a smile, always helps me

love and be loved | on Feb 02, 2010

There is a right time for all things in our lives, and there is a safety in being in God's perfect timing. I'll pray fir you to be in his will and perfect timing. Not one step ahead or one behind him. I hope you will too. I also want to remind you to enjoy where you are while you are on the way to where you are going. Gid's timing is perfect and being frustrated will not make him hurry. Enjoy today and pray for his favor and blessings in your life. Take comfort that he hears our prayers.

faithfulmommy | on Feb 02, 2010

If you need to talk I'm here. My email is [email hidden from spammers]

faithfulmommy | on Feb 02, 2010

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