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What a morning! I woke up late, and had hard time getting out of bed, tho must say that parts normal for me:),husband wanted me to cook breakfast,i am not a cook,but hay he's my man and change starts with me, so I figured how hard could making bacon and eggs be, he was on toast detail, all basis were covered. Husband did his job went down stairs. In the misit of cooking I was thinking, I had a load of towels in dryer, iwas getting bored, the laundrey rooms right off the kitchen, so yep, I did. I left my post and went to do clothes. I came back the kitchen was smoking:) not in a good way, I was only gone 5 min top, in that time bacon was very crispy and the eggs were dead. My husband came up from down stairs , it was the fire alarm telling him breakfast was past ready. He started to open windows and yelling at me "what happened" I told him I left god in charge and he thought we needed a lesson in appriciation. We both had a laugh but how true that is I take so much for granted. Lord thank you for the bountiful food you give us, clothes to wear, shelter and cars, please don't let me forget what I have, how bless I am. Look at the news and see the state others in this world live, you have truly humble me in the day to day blessing I take for granted. I lift up my eyes to you god and give you the honor and the glory. Jesus name amen ( ps thanks for given me a husband who takes me the way I am, I know I am his trial, but we do have fun!)

by hope

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So true! Amen

*No Longer N Darkness* | on Feb 02, 2010

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