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So many nights I pray, I wonder if you can hear me
At this point, I keep quiet so am tired
Thinking how it all started, my Anger, my rage, my plee,
All I've lost on my way to the top, withing a twinkle of an eye I lost it all, now am as nothing left with.
Sometimes i wonder if praying will bring me back to my feet? (Just a thought) but seriously? Am loosing it .
God are u up there? Are u seeing all am going through? Can you hear me? I dont want to be that one with a little Faith.....tell me what am I going to do? No One is ready to help me! It breaks my heart that i cant depend on anyone when i need them the most...God am I that bad? I've been doing this by myself since 16 years old now am 27 but this time,am lost and out of help.... God!!!! Help Me!!!!

by beautiful

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Just know that GOD is always with you stay anchored in his word He Loves you. Surrender it all to him & He will guide you through.

Rudy Ru | on Jan 30, 2010

I wish I could tell you he does hear you. I have been on my hands ands knees begging him to take control, surrendering completely yet everyday is worse then the one before. I hope God hears you and helps you figure things out. When faith is all you have left and it isn't working what do you do?

Wandering Soul | on Jan 30, 2010

The power of change comes with understanding....yes! You feel nothing's ganna change most especially when u feel God can't hear you but he does understand wat u going through. ...but he will began a good work in you......he will complete them..... please let giving up be your last option

beautiful | on Jan 30, 2010

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