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I need your strength to help me tell my bf what his bff is doing to me whin he is not looking I'm just scarred that he will beat him up over it and his bff is my x so it dus not help I just don't whant to lose him he makes me rilly happy and all and he woryes about me alot and I have not bin this happy in fore ever so please help me with this please

by one of jesus angels 

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Ill prat for this but sounds like you need to avoid as much as posssible this bff and tell mr.bff his behavior is not appreciated by you yourself tell him to back off. If you confronting bf is gunna cause a war avoid the war. Go to the source mr.bff needs to stop what he is doing and if your unhappy with this action tell him as it is.

* | on Jan 24, 2010

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