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Today I hope u tell me wat to do as I walk in the school and sit with my frandes I hope he dus not act iny diffrint to me but if it is your will fore me go out with him and not the uther guy thin all right but laltly it seams like I'm pulling turwed the uther guy more and more we tell echuther every thang and he has always bin thare fore me and I just don't no why he sticks aroud he tells me he what to do to stay out of truble and I do the same for him I ask every day why and am still asking way did u have us movie to the same school on the same year at the same time but since that day it's like I can't stop thanking why dud we brakeup we r totilly the same and he is just so nice and every thang the onley thang I can thank of is that I waz scarred but if that's the case then help me not be so scarred he us every thang I cood ask for out of a franed and am very thankfull for that it gives me some one to talk to about inythang and the same for him
Just please help me please
Amen one of Jesus Angeles 

by one of jesus angels

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