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Jesus. Make me strong. Father, give me wisdom. Holy Sprit, keep me pure in heart. God....Center me again. Help me find my center again, make me a concrete wall that can withstand any storm. Make me hard as diamond to cut through anything in my path. Make me liquid, shapeless and free flowing like water. Make me, me. Again, please. I want to be me again. I'm not being true to myself, I am not entirely sure if im being true to you. And i'm not entirely sure.... how to just..... let go, again. I need the freedom I used to have that came from the strength I had inside me. Jesus, in times of trouble you truly are my rock. Thank you, so, so much for always being there, always loving me no matter how stupid i am, or how much i forsaken you.... help me to love others like you love me. Help me to be the best boyfriend i can be, help me to create a perfect relationship between my girlfriend and i thats centered around positive feelings. I want to be on cloud nine again, and i want to always be on cloud nine no matter what the outside world is doing. RECENTER ME JESUS, FATHER AND HOLY SPIRIT. CENTER ME. THANK YOU. In jesus's holy name, amen.

by Answer to no one but God

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I will pray for you as well and I want to say keep faith and though we are not perfect the Lord is and will bless you and work for and with you as long as you keep meditating on him and being whole with him in order to make you and your relationship with your girlfriend whole and entirely complete

Anonymous | on Jan 24, 2010

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