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Pray that I can get to Andy coombers
Pray as I so don't want to be lazy and wake up early and I want to desperately keep pure and not lazy
Pray that I can get more bible commentaries
Pray for Kathy that she can get some of her books published and her Sunday school material that she will find someone to compile it and put it together and that she will have time for rest as she is working herself to death
Pray for Andy Coomber for his insulin that god would heal him
Pray that I can have a breakthrough in pray and that I can pray
Pray that I can get my Tract published
Pray that Gary can preach in our church
Pray for phillip
Pray that tony will have a breakthrough
Pray for all night prayer meeting
Pray for a hatred of sin in my life
Pray for max and his girlfriend that god can bring him as his friends to know Jesus as i had a really good conversation with them praise god
Pray for denise that she will get better after her stroke and use her legs again and I will see her again
Pray for luciene that I can provide for her and that she will get more sleep and for her colleagues and her house situation
Pray for luciene that I can provide for her financially, physically and spiritually and that she will evangelise with me
Pray that I will not waste time and that I will have a breakthrough and motivation with work that I will have the energy as I have had so many dead ends and have been out of work so long and I want to provide for my evangelism with a new coat as the letters are coming off and new tracts and new hoodies as the other one is old
Pray that dad will get two new trucks that are very cheap and best for what he does
Pray that hamid will work with dad and that god will provide hamid work and that he will keep on the straight and narrow
Pray for Rita for radiotherapy
Pray that I can get to Andy coombers
Pray for Lou and Sandra
Pray for Bernard and Carmel
Pray that Bernard will come to know Jesus and so will pete and chris
Pray that luciene will have such a burning heart for the lost and that we will be able to go on mission together and holiday with our family
Pray for Cheryl and pete as we have not seen them in a long time
Pray for the way inn that they will stay afloat , pray for Peggy and polly that they will get good books and nothing cotemplative
Pray for John g for his church as they need a new pa system and pray that they will get some more musicians and pray for johns preaching and finances
Pray for bridge lane for a new pa system and that we can reach the Jewish community and set up a projector for the words
Pray that god would provide work for Daniel , the burns family,pete ,Elle, pete , me , dad, dave, hamid
Pray for chris and Liz
Pray for the brasteds
Pray for Noel and chrina
Pray that I can set up an online store and have a breakthrough with this and pray that I can see mark

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