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Pray for Denise as she is in a wheelchair and pray that she will get back to normal
Pray for purity as I saw some things that I did not want to see on the beach
Pray that I can support luciene financially , physically and spiritually and as i have not seen her in three weeks that we will get on
Pray for my evangelism and all the people that I spoke to that I will be able to send bibles to
Pray for Elle and natalie
Pray for work for hamid , spencer , Darren ,pete ,dan my brother ,Esther
My sister and dad ,Kingston and son
Pray that I can see luciene
Pray for Bernard Carmels husband that she can be convicted
Pray that I can read all the Tyndal bible commentarys as I have such a love of gods word and would love a breakthrough in Greek, Hebrew and Portuguese that I would have a teacher
Pray that I can evangelise down town and get my room immaculately clean
Pray that I can get gifts for stana and Denise
Pray for Anita for her breathing
Pray for Rita for her chemotherapy
Pray for mum for her work that she can get it done
Pray for Sam and Jenna and there new baby
Pray for abbey
Pray for bella that she will be a good dog
Pray that I can see people from bridge lane
Pray for the way inn for business and that they will stay afloat
Pray for Lou and Sandra
Pray for matt and Beth's wedding
Pray for Jesse and claytons wedding
Pray for jay and Emily
Pray for Irene
Pray for grace
Pray for Anita and magda
Pray for michael west
Pray for the burns family for work
Pray for benny as I have not seen her in ages
Pray for Ben and chiara
Pray that I can evangelise tommorow
Pray for constant work
Pray for Richard and Damola
Pray for tony Beasley
Pray for Gary and his wife
Pray for dave lay
Pray for Keith miller and michael Virgo for a spouse
Pray for dean
Pray for Conrad for his marriage
Pray for bernard and Carmel
Pray for the presence of god more in my life
Pray for dad for work and conviction of sin and that dad will get the money from davik
Pray that I can go to a midweek meeting
Pray that I can feel fearfully and wonderfully made as I feel worthless
Pray for tony Pearce and Andy Coomber
Pray that I can support luciene
Pray for daniel for work
Pray for my relationship with luciene
Pray that Nathan will become more godly
Pray for dad that he can have a love for Israel

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