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God he made his decision and it doesnt include me. I would be lying if i didnt want him to change his mind and realize how stupid he is being. Since where in the bible does it say jobs are more important than people. Am i missing something here. I am so angry. God i dont want to be angry and i want to understand but i cant. Am i just destined to be heartbroken and alone? Is this what you want to make of my life? I cant give my heart anymore. Im done with this. It hurts to bad and i dont have anything left anymore. He was the one person i felt secure with and now he left me with nothing. God please forgive me if i cant give my heart anymore. You took my last hope and my last love..I am done now. Please use me for something else bc relationships i am in constant failure and heartache. Please use me for something greater in this world. Amen

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Well I don't know what are you going through but God will not leave you alone and heartbroken just trust him no matter what - if you hold strong to the lord he can change the bad for something good even though we don't understand at first. Blessings

United | on Jan 21, 2010

Ya trust me everything happens for a reason girl ur just going to learn and be stronger never think or belive ur alone cuz god is always with u :)

lil T | on Jan 21, 2010

Amen lil! Trust me a lot of people feel how you feel right now. I know because I'm one of them. God has a plan for you greater than you ever know but you have to first delight in Him! Not in yourself or someone else but the only true one that will never leave you or forsake you, Jesus Christ! Memorize pslam 41:10... I hope it helps

jakem8705 | on Jan 21, 2010

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