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Dear lord,

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you! You didnt have to wake me again but you did and for that im grateful! Im grateful that i can walk,talk,hear,see,type,drive i am thankful no one in my life died last night or this morning, thank you for the roof over my head, for my car, thank you that i have never gone one day without eating even on the hardest financial crisis day. Thank you for all of the constant reminders that you are truly the supplier of all my needs. Lord i want to apologize for complaining and stressing because things dont go exactly as i want them to when i want them to. I know that you have always provided for me and always will be here with me so please forgive me for not being patient and trusting in you. Today i choose to live and not die therefore i will rejoice in the day and will not give the devil any glory! Today i say thank you for the work you have already completed in my life and are now resting in such as the restoration of my marriage, my business taking off, my joy returning, my healthy body, my sound mind, my daughters record deal and acting career taking off. Lord i thank you for my business partners JP and and Sandra for always believing in me and my vision and always uplifting me and encouraging me to keep going for there constant support mentally and physically and lord i ask that you give me something to give them. Lord im ready to step into my destiny and i know that involves me blessing others. Im so ready to be a blessing to my family, my church, my community i just need you to continue doing a work in me lord. Im leaning not on my own understanding anymore God but on your words and promises. I bind the devil and come against every evil intent that he has tried to destroy me and my family. No matter what things look like Jesus i choose you and if i die tomorrow i will die choosing you as my lord and savior. Im so grateful that you died for my sins and so that i could have life and life in abundance. Today my life is starting over and im excited and putting the devil on notice! I will live and not die, i am not defeated i have the victory over every attack that the enemy has tried to destroy me and my family with. I claim us healed and restored and better then ever. I claim my husband and my parents SAVED in Jesus name. Lord i thank you for the new job opportunitys for Jamal , Cashae and Inception Productions. Let this show at The Sports Arena be a success exceedingly more then we could ever even imagine. Grant me peace beyond understanding and i order out of our lives every evil thing that is not of you lord. I command the mountains moved, Cheneeda, Mugeed, City II City, 5%er false beliefs, Adultery, disrepect, anger, fear, doubt, depression, lack, worry, anxiety, sickness and death. I loose love, joy, freedom, patience, kindness, compassion, a softened heart, a healthy faithful marriage, healthy sound minds and bodies, thriving business's , honesty, loyalty, peace beyond understanding. Lord what you have put together no man will come assunder and this is your promise. Once we are repaired there will be NO more adulterous distractions DEVIL you have lost we have survived all that youve tried to destroy in us. I have tons more faith then a mustard seed and i stand in the gap for my family. Satan i command you to loose your hold on my family and return all my stuff that you stole! In jesus name i pray amen.

by Anonymous

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I love this prayer, iIprayed for you, please keep me in your prayers for most of the same things . By thhis prayer I can see you are a woman of god, and he must be so thankful he has such an awesome soilder by his side. I love your strength and love for god....i need prayer to be as strong as you are with your love towards god. And for a husdban to love and to be loved like you have

Jessica | on Dec 04, 2011

I'm in agreement with u, pray 4 me too, I love ur strength, ur powerful conviction, love u, God continue to bless u n all in ur world, can't say more, jus stay bless'd.

Anonymous | on Dec 04, 2011

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