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Dear lord, thank you for revalation on thanksgiving. Today i feel better kinda empty but better. Have your way lord i turn everything honestly over to you. Im calling you on your promise that what God has put together no man can come assunder.. It is truely all in your hands lord and i fear not anymore the burden got to heavy for mee to bare anymore. Thank you for opening my spiritual eyes to truth and wisdom to come upon me. I know that there is no situation that is to hard or to big for you lord so i know if it is your will things can turn around in an instant. Whatever the outcome i accept your will and i ask for peace to come over me right now in the name of jesus. Lord ive been up all night i need to rest now. It would be such a blessing for both Cashae and i to be tired of being afraid at the same time and for our new season of blessings to begin. No more disrespect, no more secrets , it is time for change it is time for the next chapter for this family period. Lord we all have to take responsibility for our own behavior. Please forgive me lord for my sins that im confessing before you right now lord and give me the heartt of forgiveness. Lord im calling on u because u said if i had faith in you the size of a mustard seed that i could move a mountain. Well i have tons more faith in you the a mustard seed and i have commanded the mountain name Cheneeda to be moved, false gods and five percenters to be moved, i bind adultery, i bind the spirit of fear, confusion, torment, evil, low self esteem, lonliness, despression, anxiety, worry, doubt, oppresssion, suppression, jealousy, envy, greed and loose love, patientience, honesty, kindness, compassion, faithfulness, clarity, favor, wisdom, my new business, new jobs in the family, my marriage, sound minds. Let the be NO children be born out of adultery. Remove the desire for anyone outside of the marriage unless it is your will for the marriage to be desolved. No more excuses lord your son needs you. I need you. My daughter needs you. My son needs you only you can heal and restore this family for the devil has set out to rob kill and destroy us because he knows of the work we can do for the kingdom as a unti. I love you lord and i claim my husband saved and command the devil to loose his hold on his mind. Father i am exercising all of the power of the annointing you granted me in this situation it has gone on long enough it is done! It is over in jesus name! Thank you lord for restoring my peace and my joy so i can forgive myself and move forward. Today i calim the victory over every attack of the enemy that trys to come against me and my husband and our children! Satan get thee behind me you are no match for my god! Generational curses i call them broken! He will not be like his father he will live and not die. Forgive her lord and let her be healed and removed from our lives forever. Cover us in the blood right now lord i praise you sweet jesus and i thank you for the miracle needed in this family for thanksgiving. In jesus name please pray for me amen.

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Amen .. I agree with u in prayer ..

shine(precious in Lord\'s sight) | on Nov 25, 2011

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