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Please God! I'm on my hands and knees for you! I've tried to correct the wrongs in my life for you Lord! I want to thank you for EVERYTHING you have given me. Please Lord! Make him come back... PLEASE! I LOVE HIM! Make my pain go away and bring him back to me! Please! I'm begging you! Make him love me! Don't let me give up! I'm trying to be patient but I don't think I can donor much longer! I need a GOD MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make him call me text me tell me on person tomorrow! ANYTHING!!!!!!! But please bring the man I love back to me! I cry myself to sleep and indont want to do that anymore Lord! he broke my heart and I still LOVE HIM!!!! I can't help it! I want us to be together! Please GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I need you to help m and heal my heart thy has been broken for a while now! please give me jake! I love Jake! And he loved me too! Make that happen again! That was you that made it happen! I know it! Make it happen again! Please God! Please! I love you. :) please. Help me and Jake.

by Jen

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Jen blessings on you continue to trust in the Lord and know he works all things out for good to His glory He has something wonderful for you bless you

just a sister in the Lord | on Jan 11, 2010

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