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God! Answer me! I need you I need you I need you I NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!! How many times do I have to say it! I love you God! I need you so badly to be there for me always! You're my bestfriend God. Interfere! Please! Make him love me God. MAKE HIM LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is in killing pain because he doesn't want me anymore God! Why? Please God just let me feel you let us be together let me be 100% happy again! I hate hurting like this and I feel distant from you God. I want to fall in love with You. MAKE ME God! Make me love you so much that I can't even help myself! Make Jake love me God. I'm tired of crying myself to sleep! I want to smile and pray myself to sleep IN YOUR ARMS!!!!!!! I surender! I have to have you! There is no possible way in the universe that I can live without you! HELP ME!!!!!!! I know you hear me. Maybe I'm just impatient but please just give me a sign to let me know that you are working your magic and helping me and that you are here with me. I know you are. Please. Show me. I love you God. I want to love you more. Make me. Make him love me. Please. I'm on my hands and knees for you God. You are The One. The Almighty One. With everything. Help me God. I love you and I need you. So so so soooooo much! You know how much. Please God. Answer my prayers. Amen Lord. Amen.

by Jen

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Its going to be ok Jen. God loves you even more than Jake could ever think about loving you. So you're in the right place, keep surrendering to God and take it one day at a time. That's what I'm doing with my broken heart and each day it gets a little bit better, not easy but better.

Vonee | on Jan 09, 2010

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