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Please pray for me as I need prayer as I feel attacked on every angle of life right now.

I have lost my job due to being a Christian. I lost my car due to that. My personal relationships went through attack and my friend won't talk to me anymore in fact none of them although they had gotten really lukewarm. I got really fearful and went through a time of about 4 years of fearful panic attacks thinking I had a conspiracy of people out to get me. I lost the support of my pastor who I thought God was opening the doors to ministry with. I have gained 80 pounds I got suicidal and I'm 32 years old single. Had to move back to my moms house due to the job loss. (My mom is a former pastors wife whom walked away from the lord and had since continually discouraged me in my walk with the lord.)

On top of that one night I borrowed my moms car to go out and just be alone with the lord and read his word about 2 years ago now. That night I was parked in a well lit area by the school a block away from my house it was about 11 pm by this time and a police officer (who was alone on duty) pulled to the side of my car rolled down his window and yelled at me accusing me of being homeless. I assured him I was not. I was praying at that moment for wisdom of what to do as I recognised he was alone in his car and so was I. I was scared of him at this point. I didn't understand why he was so unreasonable. My friends mom used to be a deputy sherrif and she had told me once that if you ever didn't trust a cop to call for backup from thier supervisor. Since the cop was only pulled to the side of my car and he ended up driving up and then as he was turning around or within the time he drove away I too turned on my engine got on my cell phone and called 911 to tell them of the situation. I thought the officer was leaving at that time. I also happened to be a block or even less around the corner from my house so I decieded to drive home as I knew my mom was home and thought well at least I will have a witness there. As I pulled away the police officer instantly turns on his lights and siren I was so scared of his unreasonable behavior earlier and also during this time on the news there had been reports of people impersonating police officers in my area too. So I deceided to drive super slow and stay on the phone with 911 to tell them about the situation and tell them what I was doing. I pulled into
My driveway finally to have the police officer jump on top of me and handcuff me I screamed at the top of my lungs "mom" "mom". My mom then comes out to tell the police officer no my daughter lives here with me your mistaken sir. He ends up arresting me for evading and resisting his arrest. I went to jail that night my mom gets me in the morning. I have never and that night did not commit a crime. The police officer made up a story that he thought I was awaiting an accomplis to Robery of the school. He lied cause obviously he was trying to cover up his bad behavior towards me. The court ended up dropping the evading an officer charge as they had the 911 call record. They did charge me with resisting an arrest from a police officer. I had to do 10 says of community service in punishment or 10 days in jail for that I chose community service I chose yi serve at Christian ministries of people I know. But when I told them what hapened they treated me like a criminal. I now ha e resisting arrest on my background and I have been denied 2 really great jobs due to that being on my record before my start date of working for the company after they interviewed and chose mr to work for them. I
really struggling right now as this is incredibly hard financially and emotionally as this seems so unfair.

Please pray for Gods justice to be done in this suituation with this police situation. It's really hurt my life.

As for the other areas i feel attacked also i could use God to do miracles as well!

I've been also really struggling with all of this as nobody at my church seems to be understanding I have also has the door closed for working in ministry specifically worship ministry. I thought God would bring me a godly man to
Marry from my church in ministry and this seems so destroyed now as now I have this criminal record for doing nothing and losing all my close friends. Please pray God does wonders and rebuilds my broken life.

Also I'm uninsured and I just found our I need surgery and I have a heart condition that could be serious u need over $1,000 for the right disgnostic tests to be done and I've been having a horrible time sleeping at night. Please pray for me as i feel attacked from every possible angle as possible!

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I'm sorry to hear what's happening to you, I know we don't know each other but if you ever need someone to talk call me, 954 937 9998, keep walking in faith.......

OneWhomJesusLoved | on Jan 11, 2010

I'm so sorry ur going through that :( I prayed for u.

Don't let a ur single life pull u down for you are still young! The world makes us believe that we have to get married before "it's to late" don't listen to that. Have patience with god. Plus, I think a boyfriend would give u more stress because he would probably not support u in ur trials. Giving u more of a broken heart.
I'm sorry about ur church letting u dowwn. It is a shame how some areas are. I encourage u to change churches.
I once heard from my pastor however hard u struggle,the bigger the blessing is awaiting in return. Hope you understand and believe that.
Continue praying and having hope. Also have patience.

Anonymous | on Jan 11, 2010

I am so sorry you are going through this; I almost cried when I read what you were going through. Your heart is in the right place, and you have not given up on God! Never ever give up. You will be rewarded in the end! God bless you!!

Anonymous | on Jan 11, 2010

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