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GOOD day GOD! My prayer today is that you forgive each, and everyone of us as we forgive others, and forgive ourself forgetting the pass! We thank you for a home in heaven open, and closed doors (your perfect will) your our protection (the author and finisher of our faith unto your kingdom), your all powerful with the majesty of greatness, justice,miracles,grace,mercy, slow to anger, the begining, the end, now 4ever more present! We pray right now for divine supernatural insight wisdom with clarity, selflessly in your love threw humility faith, and for the building up of your kingdom in the palace of our heart which you created in peace for eternity. You said you have placed eternity in our heart which means you see us as whole! FATHER will you take the faults of our thinking and create them to thoughts, and actions of success that we may right the vision, and make it plain repeating it out loud daily? You said life, and death is in the power of the tonuge, so we choose life as your children in obediance! We curse every demonic force of satin in the heavenly realms that may hinder this prayer, or prophecy from coming to exsistance suddenly(now)! You said when 2or3 are gathered in your name you are there! Hello JESUS! We say thank you for this answered prayer of revealation, confirmation with increase, in your LOVE, with meditation, with no escaping! Praise your glorious, spectacular name in JESUS name we release this prayer, AMEN!, and AMEN! Amen people?

by *GODS favorite*

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I wish to second blessed

thephaige | on Jan 06, 2010


Rhonda | on Jan 06, 2010

AMEN! My God, you just spoke a word into the atmosphere, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it! I am encouraged by this prayer. In Jesus Name, I pray that all things come to past according to God's perfect will!... Thank you for this prayer!

Squeaks | on Jan 06, 2010

I thank you Lord for blessing me with a prayer mate like this. Amen to this outstanding prayer.

thomas j | on Jan 06, 2010

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