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H.O.L.Y (HE. ONLY. LEFT. YOU) B.I.B.L.E( BASIC. INSTRUCTIONS. BEFORE. LEAVING. EARTH)! GOD bless your name FATHER in JESUS name! FATHER you are our blessing in JESUS name because JESUS is the WORD, and your the blessing, so being that your one, we as your people threw f.a.i.t.h( full. assurance. in. the. heart) recieve the promises of this truth enternally for eternity with the confirmation of your revelation! FATHER you are our subtance of things hoped for in the evedience of things not seen! (THE AUTHOR, AND FINISHER of our salvation threw CHRIST JESUS)! GOD we pray, asking u to forgive us for each, and every sin we allowed others as well as ourselves to harbor in our heart because we supose to pray for everyone as well as confess our sin! You said LOVE our enemies, and pray for our persecuters, which is selfless LOVE. NOT our will, but YOUR WILL BE DONE! Finally we forgive ourselves & pray that others will as well forgetting. FATHER we thank you for YOU, JESUS, family, friends, our enemies, persecuters, & the crown you desire for us to recieve! YOU are our ROCK, FOTRESS, HEALER, DELIEVERER, STRONG TOWER, DEFENSE, & LAMP of our BEING! ONI-POTENT, OMNI-PRESENT, ALL KNOWING, SELFLESS, SLOW to anger, MERCIFUL, JEHOVAH JIRAH? JEHOVAH ELO-HIM, JEHOVAH EL-ELYON, JEHOVAH RAH, JEHOVAH EL-SHADIA, JEHOVAH RAFAH, JUST, MARVALOUS, AGELESS,& MOUNTAIN moving GOD FAITHFULLY FOR ever!!!! FATHER will you remove anger, doubt, selfishness, lying(half truth) worry, insecurity, gossip, flattery, & confusion out the minds, & actions of your people that we may unite faithfully in faith without competion & posion? we cast these seeds into the lake of fire, pro- activly! unto the beauty of the building up of YOUR CREATIVE KINGDOM RIGHT NOW in JESUS CHRIST of Nazereth permently without fear & with HOLLY boldness! FATHER bless the sick, HOMELESS, WIDOW, BACKSLIDER, HOMOSEXUAL, SINNER, hostages, & hurt in any & everyway that you see fit according to our heart but according to your perfect will as the MIGHTY GOD you are! FATHER we LOVE you so much & count it as done as well as the supernatral miracles we posses suddenly as YOUR children with increase beyond measure! YES in JESUS FAITHFUL & powerful name! Amen, amen, & amen! Amen princess & princes of GOD???

by *GODS favorite*

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