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Dear lord, i am in need of your divine intervention. I am 31, recently unemployed, childless and struggling to get my remaining ovary to participate in the egg release process, i cannot afford to live on my own and i've been single for eight years. Despite a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and IT certification, i cannot find a job and can't afford to move. I give all that i have to my family and close friends. Anytime they are in need, i am there. I provide uplifting words of wisdom, prayers and support to everyone i feel needs help. I attend church regularly with my mother and each service i find myself fighting tears during praise and worship hour. I feel my heart swelling with burden and pain. I ask constantly for help and i continue to pray. I feel so lost.

Recently i learned that my only former partner has a new son and is engaged. I feel anger and resentment towards him. I don't want to feel as i do, but i feel that i couldn't move on emotionally and he was able to. I was the victim who suffered in many ways at his hands and yet i can't shake it. He has found God and continues to try to get back into my life for selfish reasons, but i don't want him there. I hate this feeling of despair and frustration. I want to be happy and to have biological children and a home of my own.

My cleaning business has not made any money in a year and i fear i will lose it. I can't seem to get on the right side of things. I will not let my faith suffer. I am grateful to my parents for providing me with a home yet again, but i wish to be financially independent and to give back to my parents.

Yaweh, you are my rock, my refuge and in your hands my heart and life rests. I pray that my broken spirit is renewed and that i can stand tall and face the world with complete confidence, for your divine presence is eternal. Amen.

by Nicole J.

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Dear friend I pray that in your worship with God that you let go and let God gave His perfect work in your life and why not do it Gods way ie.having a husband, and not a partner. Continue to seek his will for your life matt 6: 33 , be blessed.

Anonymous | on Aug 01, 2011

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