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Jesus Father forgive of my sins. God I have messed up so bad. I was so upset withy boyfriend on saturday an I started drinking an I took some pills I hv for my anxiey. Because I knew it would take my mind off my diappointment an pain I was feeling. My male neighbor came over an sat outside.with me drinking also. Well things.went to.far an we had relations with each other. We my otherneighnors.are my boyfriends his wife an they knew.we had been outside hanging out.cause.the came an sat with us a little.while then they went in. well basically my boyfriends brother knows I was unfaithful he wont even look at me he told.the guy I was.with he was.wrong cause we.are all cool an he with an have been for we are suppose to get married. I.d on't.know if he's going to tell his brother I so messed up I.was with my boyfriend the next day at his an at that time I.didn't know.he knew yet. I found out when I was tellin the one.i.was.with please not to say anything. He.said to.late his brother knows. I.freaked if my boyfriend finds.out.there will be no forgiveness.he will leave me an never look back. I'm scared.i .know.i.messed.up but. I.don' my.relationship God.please let this just.blow.over...i wont.let this happen again please let his brother to himself please I also don't want to hurt my boyfriend with.this mistake.o.made at an,..unsonber state of mind. In Jesus name amen..

by Jaju

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I think the best thing you can do is continue to ask God for forgiveness. Also, I think you should tell your boyfriend about your mistake. It will eat you up inside.

amanda | on Jul 18, 2011

I agree with Amanda.

I Am that I Am | on Jul 18, 2011

I have thought about that over an I started to tell hi, last night, I would rather him hear it from me.,but if I tell him it will be over. He already told me that would be the only reason he'd ever leave me..and yes it is eating me up inside.. I don't want to hurt or lose him..

Jaju | on Jul 18, 2011

Tell him I would rather be honest and let god handle the rest. But you did it and you need to own up to it.

Rose-love Miami | on Jul 18, 2011

How is everything working out for you and your boyfriend? Remember we all make mistakes, pray for forgiveness and trust God. It will all work out.

amanda | on Jul 20, 2011

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