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I just gotta tell somebody.. God has just worked a miricle in my life. Once again he has proven himself to me. Despite my weak faith, lack of trust and doubt, my God continues to show himself to me. I don't know why he loves me. I don't know why he cares for me. I don't know why he keeps cleaning up my mess, but he does. I'm so glad he loves me in spite of my stupid choices, impatience and low standards. I dont know whAt I'd do without his love. Hey folks! He knows me, all about me. He knows everything I've done and who I did it to. But, he told me there's no condemnation. He's not holding any of it against me. We were made by such an awesome god. He has gotten on his knees to me up from some of the deepest n darkest places. I've gone some places where I was too embarrassed for my God to know. But I've learned that not only did he know where I was hiding, but that he loved me enough to come and bring me out. I just had to tell somebody. Luv!

by Denise -illinois

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Im going through just about the same thing and i have said too, why does God still love me. But our God is a merciful God and he knows our troubles...theres no one like him. God bless u.

allisonplus4 | on Dec 30, 2009

He said He would never leave nor forsake us and before any 1 of His spoken words fail, Heaven and Earth shall pass away! He loves us all and knows our mistakes before we make them, because He's not a God restricted by time. He knows ur end b4 ur beginning so seek His face to reach ur purpose!

Anonymous | on Dec 30, 2009

Am happy 4 u,yes our god does miracles. God bless u sweetie

*Travis Wife* | on Dec 30, 2009

It's so wonderful when god reaches out to us! The same thing happened to me recently. God bless!

Anonymous | on Dec 30, 2009

I just wanted to say that I too am looking for that grace by the Creator of the universe, and just like you I will keep my faith and trust in Him. For without Him nothing can go right and for this I continue to pray and wait patiently on Him.

peaceful Jurnee | on Dec 30, 2009

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