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The God of hope:

Have you ever wondered why God has delayed your prayers?
God's delays are never denials.
We need to think that through!
God is up to something, we could never comprehend. Remember this point.
Jesus delays to develop His people.
Read, John 11 dealing with the account of the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus delayed when He found out that Lazarus was dead.
Why? He could have kept him from death. But He was about to do something. He was going to develop the faith of Mary and Martha. He loved Lazarus, but He had a work to perform, a miracle.
Verse 15 says; and I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, to the intent ye may believe; never the less let us go unto him. (speaking of the disciples)
They to would see, His work and have their faith strengthen.
The power that is known in the risen Christ our Lord.
When God puts you on hold, know that it is to develop your faith!
Belief in Christ will make your faith deeper, wider, stronger.
Faith embraces Christ, you are going to learn something in the shadows and soon the sun will shine!
Character is always more important than suffering. God wants you to know that a fresh understanding of Him will increase your faith in the most difficult times.
What is difficult for us is not for God.
God can begin with the impossible and work from there.
That which is bigger and bigger for us is smaller to God.
When a grenade explodes, God is able to pick up the pieces.
God always has the last say, even in the impossible. Are you willing to admit that, or is there unbelief?
God entered our world and identifies with us. Some situation has unfolded in your life. God would steer your heart into a fresh hope in you. What oxygen is to the body, hope is to the heart. You and I can survive on hope. Hopelessness, is a kind of death. It is a state we never want to be in.
God wants you to look into His direction. He wants to strengthen your faith. God will not abandon us in our trials and sufferings! God will bring the future eventually to the present. Some of you are slipping into a state of despair! Keep praying to Our Father in heaven. Hope has expectation. And that is in the God of hope. I know it is hard what we go through. But count it all joy. James 1:2-4. God is a God of sympathy. Remember in John 11:35, Jesus wept. God has feelings. Believe it or not. Hebrews 4:15. He loves us. But He will do what it takes to makes us see that He and He alone is our hope. God will knock all the support in your life, so it is just you and Him.

by Hector

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Wow! Praise God, this is food for the Soul Amen brother

Under construction | on Jan 04, 2011

Could you email this to me? [email hidden from spammers] thanks

Under construction | on Jan 04, 2011


elaine | on Jan 04, 2011

Hector if you go to my prayer request 2 hours ago maybe not only can u email me this but u can give me your words of encouragement for that is what I need right now please! [email hidden from spammers]. please read what I wrote. HELP ME!

D[email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 04, 2011

In Christ Danielle~ HELP ME!

D[email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 04, 2011

God bless you.
and may God continue to provide for you.
May he bless you with understanding and humbleness.

judah means praise | on Jan 05, 2011

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