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The unseen hand of God:

When you can not see the hand of God, trust in the heart of God.
C H Spurgeon

A hidden hand is an unseen hand beyond the seen.
God has stored up goodness for those who believe in Him.
God will make everything beautiful in His time.
Do you truly believe that, child of God.
Pray about everything, worry about nothing.
Fear not tomorrow, because God is already there.
God is preparing goodness and mercy.
Life is a continuance process, of getting used to things we didn't expect.
In Psalm 23, David said basically,
God is with him and that is enough. If we know God as our Shepard, we shall not want.
I'm not saying that for example if you lose your job, that we are not lacking.
Our sufficiency is in our Shepard.
When we get knocked down, God gets us back up!
We will endure the storm, because He is in control of the situation.
He is our protector against the problems in life.
Sheep need caring, and Christ is the Good Shepard who takes good care of His sheep.
God's faithfulness through adversity is usually the catalyst for praise and in the process faith is stretched and strengthen.
Continue to seek the Lord with all your heart, child of God. Wait upon Him for direction, and by faith to know He loves and cares for you.
He is at work behind the scenes, and will be faithful to His promises.
Are you standing at wits end corner, then you are just in the very spot to learn of the wonderous resources of Him who faileth not.
No doubt to a brighter pathway your footsteps will soon be moved.
But it's only at wits end corner that the God who is able is proved.
As painful as it may be, adversity is an expression of God's love.
He uses our pain to draw us closer to Him. To trust Him fully for our lives.
Prayer will strengthen us through the storm. He always answers prayer according to His will for our lives. He is sovereign, He sees before hand. And is weaving a tapestry that will be beautiful, if we are open to see, and humble ourselves to what He has in store.
So let us praise Him in the good and bad. And wait upon the Lord.

by Hector

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I found this very reassuring, thank you and may god bless you and bring you many blessings for the new year. Amen

S.H. | on Jan 03, 2011

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