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For some reason the tiniest amount of stress has been making my chest hurt father. I'm only 23 I don't know why this is happening father. We are moving very soon lord and we haven't began to start packing so I can't go to the e.r. Lord father please heal this??? Please Lord father???

by *Process In The Making* I LOVE YOU LORD

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Could be panic attacks. I get them and they sometimes feel like fake heart attacks in the means that my chest gets tight. Stay away from sugar, chocolate and caffeine, get more sleep, exercise is a bigggggiiieee, and continuosly tell yourself positive things when feeling panic/stress. Google "panic attack coping statements." you have to practice these statements often, in and out of your comfort zones in order for them to work.
Hope that helps. That's what a lot of my counseling taught me. I'm doing much better now. :) thanks to God

nothings-impossible413 | on Sep 30, 2010

So even the tiniest bit like super tiny you can feel that pain like me?

*Process In The Making* I LOVE YOU LORD FATHER** | on Sep 30, 2010

Tiniest bit of stress? Hmm no. But sometimes you won't feel the effects of a stressful event til days, sometimes weeks, after the event. So you may think it's the tiniest bit of stress from the present moment that's causing it when in reality you could be feeling stress from something substantial that happens a week ago or so. Iif I were you I'd see a doc. Also, it could be gas?? Gas pain in the chest region can be really painful, but if you're experiencing this in relation with stress, then that's probably not it. I'll say a prayer right now for ya.

nothings-impossible413 | on Oct 01, 2010

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